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Animals in Love: Happy Valentines Day!

By Rebecca Jane Hewick

Let’s look at how animals meet, mate and sometimes even build lasting relationships.

Within the animal kingdom it is common to find a male animal trying to impress a female; this is known as courtship behaviour. Courtship behaviours are displays performed in order to win over a mate. 

Many species have high competition for mates, so they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to impressing for love.

Stuck on what to do for Valentine’s Day? Want to up your game to impress the loved one in your life? Why don’t you take a few tips from these wonderfully interesting animals…?
Bower birds

Males kit out their cribs (called bowers) with twigs, flowers and any manmade objects they can find all in order to attract themselves a lover!! Some are really spectacular.


GET YOUR DANCING SHOES ON!!! Flamingos go all out when it comes to impressing one another, it seems they go on one huge date and engage in large dances in order to attract a mate. The group can be as big as 5,000 to 100,000 individuals moving in a specific sequence, breeding pairs will then leave the group and tend to be faithful until the next breeding season. Cute right?


Apparently in the hippo world is normal to wee and defecate at the same time while spraying it on a female in order to impress them. Ewwwwwww!  If you’re going to use this for inspiration with your loved one, expect to be single very soon indeed.


Albatross also engage in dancing and also preen each other’s feathers. When albatross find their one true love, they will stick with them for life. Applying this to your relationship will surely gain you some brownie points!

Some very different animals with some very different techniques to keep their relationship in tip top condition, which was your favourite?