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Save a Spider Day!

by Jessica Watson

Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias, currently standing at third place within the US population. But it’s very rare that a spider in your home would cause any risk to you or your family. You may hear many myths about deadly spiders invading UK homes, but the spiders you’re going to meet aren’t likely to cause any harm.

So instead of killing these innocent arachnids, why not find them a new home? The traditional ‘glass and card’ technique will do the trick. Or just let them stay, after all they do take care of any flies that may have entered your home!

Spiders are vital in our ecosystems as they have specific ecological roles to fill. Detrimental affects to both flora and fauna would occur if spiders weren’t carrying out their role of managing insect populations. So how about we pay back the favour and all take part in ‘Save a Spider Day’ to ensure we are conserving these important species!

Here at the Wildlife Park, we are holding an event on the 18th March to celebrate the occasion with lots of fun spider themed activities!

Our favourite colourful and stunning spiders are:

Theridon grallator ­­– The happy faced spider found in Hawaii.

Thwaitesia argentiopunctata – A sequin spider found in Australia.

Gasteracantha cancriformis – The spiny orb-weaver spider found in America.

Phidippus putnami – A jumping spider found in North America.

Maratus volans – The peacock spider found in Australia.