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Babies in the Nocturnal Zone

11th March 2019

Babies in the Nocturnal Zone

If you have visited us recently you may have been lucky enough to spot some of our new arrivals. They live in deserts, grasslands, and savannah habitats; they’re armoured; they’re crazy for crickets, and they’re nocturnal.

We have baby Armadillos!

They were born on the 21st December 2018 and are doing well (the boy can be a little more curious than his sister though). We are pleased to say that they should be showing you their faces soon, as the time for weaning onto their solid food upon us - hopefully they will match their parents’ appetite. They won’t be this small for long, though, so come and spot them whilst they’re still little!

We’re going to need some help naming the delicate duo, so pop over to our facebook page and give us a hand coming up with names for them!