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Leafing Around

13th March 2019

Leafing Around

The newest species to the collection is our leafcutter ants (Atta cephalotes), which have been known for their fungus-growing antics for 50-60 million years and now they are ready to show all of our customers their leaf-cutting skills.

They have been settling in nicely with us for nearing 2 months now and they have been ‘cutting and sticking’ their leaves to make their fungus-garden the biggest and best (especially since it is the fungus created by the decomposition of the leaves that is their food -yum!). These little creatures are great at showing just how far teamwork can go, which is always something we like to encourage at the wildlife park; different ants in the colony have different roles: workers (the leaf-collectors); soldiers to guard the fungi, and the queen to reproduce and keep the colony strong.

Not being the largest specimen in our collection, we’d love for you to come and try to spot them amongst their homemade fungus gardens.