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Meet our new monkeys

8th January 2017

Meet our new monkeys

We've just had some new white lipped tamarins arrive from Drayton Manor Theme Park - aren't they gorgeous?!

A family of white lipped tamarins have just arrived at the wildlife park, and are settling in next to the common marmosets.

The family group includes dad, Ardal, and his three kids; his son, d'Artagnan, and two daughters, Leonie and Gemini.

Ardal is a middle aged monkey, being just over 11 years old, whilst d'Artagnan will be turning 4 next month, Leonie is 3 and Gemini is just 2 years old!

White lipped tamarins, sometimes known as red bellied tamarins (Saguinus labiatus) are a small monkey from the Amazon rainforest. In the wild they are found in Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. They live in small family groups in the wild, and everyone in the family will help out with childcare. In the wild they eat fruits, flowers, nectar, gum, sap and small animals.

This group joins us from Drayton Manor Theme Park, and they travelled up to the wildlife park on Wednesday 4th January 2017.