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Tansy Beetle Translocation

7th September 2017

We have now completed our translocations into the tansy beetle ark at our Wetlands Zone.

Students and staff spend several weeks collecting tansy beetles, with the final translocation in the lovely sunny weather on the 31st May 2017.

100 beetles have now moved into the patch, so we'll be monitroing closely (and keeping our fingers crossed), to see if we can get a breeding population established in the new ark.

Tansy beetles are a species found in the UK only in the Ouse valley and a single population in the fens, meaning that the York population is extremely important.

At Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation Park we've been working closely with the Tansy Beetle Action Group, doing what we can for this rare beetle.

To find out more about the tansy group, you can check the Tansy Beetle Hub.