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Quakers, also known as monk parakeets, are small parrots from South America. They are usually green in colour, although pet animals are sometimes bred for more blue colouring. The species had been introduced to Europe, Northern America and Japan, and is considered invasive in these areas.

About quakers

Common NameQuaker Parrot
Scientific NameMyiopsitta monachus
Native toSouth America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay
Natural HabitatWoodland and scrubland
DietSeeds, berries and other fruits, flowers and occasional insects.
Life ExpectancyApprox. 20 years
Conservation StatusLeast Concern (3.1)

About our quakers

We have a pair of quakers.

How we care for our quakers

Our quakers are housed in our Birds of the World Aviary, in our arboretum.

They have a large outdoor aviary with mesh panels, with branching for perching and double mesh to protect them from predators.

They also have an indoor aviary, with nest boxes, perching branches and their feeding and water stations.

Our quakers are fed a combination of bird seed and fresh fruit and vegetables.

How you can help quakers

Although they are not threatened in the wild, you can help quakers by:

  • making sure that you don't buy wild caught animals as pets
  • making sure that you don't release pet animals into the wild
  • thinking carefully before buying exotic pets - they can be difficult to look after and require specialist care