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Superb Parrots

Superb parrots are bright green parrots from Australia.

About superb parrots

Common NameSuperb Parrot
Scientific NamePolytelis swainsonii
Native toAustralia (particularly Victoria and New South Wales)
Natural HabitatWoodland
DietSeeds, berries and flowers
Life ExpectancyApprox. 30 years
Conservation StatusLeast Concern (3.1)

About our superb parrots

We have a pair of superb parrots. They both joined us from Harewood Bird Gardens in 2012.

They are housed with our love birds, cockatiels and budgerigars.

How we care for our superb parrots

Our superb parrots are housed in our Birds of the World Aviary, in our arboretum.

They have a large outdoor aviary with mesh panels, with branching for perching and double mesh to protect them from predators.

They also have an indoor aviary, with nest boxes, perching branches and their feeding and water stations.

Our superb parrots are fed a combination of bird seed and fresh fruit and vegetables.

How you can help superb parrots

Superb parrots, although not listed as endangered, are threatened by habitat loss in the wild. This is usually caused by land clearance for agriculture and the removal of dead trees, which act as nest sites. This species is also considered susceptible to climate change, particularly due to flooding and changing climates reducing their available food.

You can help them by:

  • reducing your own energy consumption to help combat climate change
  • thinking carefully before buying exotic pets - they can be difficult to look after and require specialist care