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Raccoons are members of a family of small carnivores called the Procyonids, who are found in America.

About raccoons

Common NameRaccoon
Scientific NameProcyon lotor
Native toNorth and Central America
Natural HabitatAlmost anywhere that water is available, particularly swamps, mangroves, flood forests and marshes
DietOpportunistic omnivore - eating fruits, nuts, seeds, insects, other small animals, eggs and even garbage!
Life ExpectancyUp to 20 years
Conservation StatusLeast Concern (3.1)

About our raccoons

We have three raccoons - two males and one female.

How we care for our raccoons

Our raccoons are wating to go out into their new accommodation in our arboretum.

Our raccoons are fed a variety of fruit, vegetables, invertebrates and meat daily.

Our raccoons have constant access to water, including a play pool in their enclosure.

How you can help raccoons

Raccoons are now on the EU Invasive Species Directive, as they have been frequently accidentally released into the wild, and are adaptable enough to establish populations as an invasive species.

This means that it will no longer be legal to keep raccoons as pets.

You can help animals like raccoon by:

  • being aware of the relevant legislation, and only buying animals you can legally keep as a pet
  • making sure that you never release pet animals into the wild