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Meerkats are a member of the mongoose family, and live in social groups called 'mobs' or 'gangs'.

About meerkats

Common NameMeerkat
Scientific NameSuricata suricatta
Native toAfrica, particularly South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe
Natural HabitatArid scrubland of the Kalahari Desert
DietMostly insects and other invertebrates, but also other small animals and some vegetation
Life ExpectancyUp to 14 years for dominant animals
Conservation Status (IUCN)Least Concern (3.1)

About our meerkats

We have two meerkat mobs:

Mob 1 has 3 animals, including Hattie, our dominant female - this mob lives with our porcupines.

Mob 2 has 3 animals.

How we care for our meerkats

Our meerkats living in our large 'Kalahari Kats' enclosures - they have indoor housing for the winter and a giant sandpit for burrowing.

Our meerkats are fed on a combination if invertebrates, fruit and vegetables and meat.

We enrich our meerkats' environment through the feeding of live invertebrates, the use of toys and other enrichment items.

How you can help meerkats in the wild

Meerkats are quite adaptable and are not currently threatened in the wild, but you can help to protect their natural habitat and ecosystem by:

  • supporting wildlife conservation in their natural habitat, including the support of national parks
  • supporting anti-poaching initatives
  • taking action against climate change which is making the Kalahari desert hotter and drier - you can do this by reducing your own energy consuption