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Sulcata Tortoise

Sulcata tortoises are known for digging burrows into the ground to escape the extreme heat of their natural habitat.

About sulcata tortoises

Common NameSulcata Tortoise
Scientific NameCentrochelys sulcata
Native toNorthern Africa - particularly the Sahara and Sahel
Natural HabitatGrasslands, savannas and scrublands
DietMostly grasses, and other plant matter
Life ExpectancyAt least 50 years, potentially more than 70 years.
Conservation StatusVulnerable (2.3)

About our sulcata tortoises

We have a pair of female sulcata tortoises, Rosemary and Rachel who joined us from Flamingo Land. We also have two large male sulcata tortoises, Dwayne and Johnny who joined us from Paignton Zoo.

How we care for our sulcata tortoises

Our sulcata tortoises have an outdoor paddock to allow them access to grazing whenever the weather allows. They also have a large heated indoor area, with extra UV lighting.

Our tortoises are fed a variety of weeds, dried cut grass, leaves and occasional vegetables.

How you can help tortoises

These tortoises are threatened in the wild, potentially partially due to the trade in wild caught tortoises for the pet trade.

If you want to help these tortoises in the wild you can:

  • Make sure that you don't buy pets that might have been caught in the wild
  • Think carefully before buying an exotic pet - especially one that has such specialist needs and might live as long as a tortoise!