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Brown Trout

The brown trout is a member of the salmon family, native to Europe. They can be found in rivers and streams here in the UK, and are often kept in fisheries.

About brown trout

Common NameBrown Trout
Scientific NameSalmo trutta
Native toEurope, Western Asia and Northern Africa. Introduced to other regions, including Australasia and North and South America.
Natural HabitatFound in cold streams, rivers and lakes. They spawn in rivers and streams, whilst some trout live in marine habitats.
DietMostly invertebrates and other small animals.
Life ExpectancyUp to 20 years (although over 95% will die within the first year in the wild).
Conservation Status (IUCN)Least Concern (3.1)

About our trout

We have 5 female trout, all of whom joined us from Northern Trout in March 2016.

How we care for our trout

Our brown trout are housed in a 7000 litre tank in our Wildlife of the World corridor.

Their water is kept cool using a chiller, and maintained between 13°c and 15°c. The pH is maintained at approx. 8.2. The water is filtered using an Aqua Medic external filter, with the water runing through a wier to the external filter, where it is processed through a biological filter and the option of UV filtration. Four ocean runners create a current to mimic a river flow. The tank has artificial rockwork and reeds, to create a complex and varied habitat.

Our trout are fed on a complete trout pellet.

The brown trout share their tank with grayling and stone loach.

How you can help wild trout

Want to help trout in the wild? You can help all animals found in wetland areas by joining in with local conservation activites to help protect wetland habitats; this might include:

  • removing invasive species, such as Himalayan balsam
  • habitat management, including planting vegetation and creating animal homes
  • litter picking
  • getting involved in wildlife surveying