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Hogg Island Boa

Hogg Island boas are a type of boa constrictor. Boa constrictors are a type of snake which squeezes its prey in order to subdue it.

About Hogg Island boas

Common NameHogg Island boa
Taxonomic NameBoa constrictor imperator
Native toHogg Island in Honduras
Natural HabitatRainforest
DietSmall animals
Life ExpectancyUp to 25 years
Conservation StatusNot Evaluated (IUCN 3.1)

About our Hogg Island boa

We have one male Hogg Island boa on display in our Wildlife of the World corridor.

Our Hogg Island boa was part of our animal collection at the college before we opened the wildlife park.

How we care for our Hogg Island boa

Our Hogg island boa is in our Nocturnal zone, and is kept on a reverse light cycle.

He's housed off our reptile rooms, and is fed fortnightly.

How you can help boa constrictors

The limited range of the Hogg Island boa makes it vulnerable to over collection - if you wish to buy a boa constrictor as a pet it is important to make sure you're buying a captive bred animal.