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Uromastyx, also known as dabb lizards, are spiny tailed lizards from Northern Africa and the Middle East.

About uromastyx

Common nameUromastyx
Scientific nameUromastyx maliensis
Native toNorthern Africa
Natural HabitatRocky, semi-arid scrubland and steppe
DietVegetation and seeds
Life Expectancy15 - 30 years
Conservation StatusNot Listed by IUCN

About our uromastyx

We have 3 male uromastyx and 3 female uromastyx; we have some off show and some on show.

How we care for our uromastyx

Our display uromastyx are housed in a large vivarium in our Wildlife of the World corridor.

Their vivraium has both UV and non-UV lighting, and is heated to a temperature of 26-35°c, with a basking spot of ~40°c.

Their vivarium is kept dry, as uromastyx are adapted to dry habitats, and we monitor temperature and humidity.

Their vivarium is themed with artificial rockwork, creating a varied and complex habitat for our animals to use.

Our uromastyx are fed a range of weeds, leaves, vegetables, seeds and a weekly treat of lentils.

How you can help uromastyx in the wild

Whilst Uromastyx maliensis are not yet assessed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), several other species are threatened in the wild.

You can help Uromastyx by:

  • if you choose to have a reptile as a pet, choose a captive bred animal which will not have been taken from the wild.
  • if you see uromastyx in local markets when on holiday do not pay attention, and don't have your photo taken with them - this encourages the capture of wild animals
  • don't buy any products (e.g. bushmeat or medicines) which contain uromastyx parts