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Home Educators Academy

Home Educators Academy

Introducing our brand new Home Educators Academy, starting September 2022! This is a brand-new programme bringing engagement and learning together to learn about the wonderful world of wildlife. This Academy will run in a similar style to our Summer Wildlife Academies, but at a greatly reduced cost for Home Educators during term time

Dates and Times

This will be a one-day programme, running on selected week days throughout September. It will run from 9:30 AM - 4PM and will feature a number of hands-on tasks, as well as some interactive classroom learning full of biofacts and engagement! 


We will be splitting up the Home Educators Wildlife Academy into different age ranges for age appropriate learning and tasks! The age ranges are as follows:

7-10 year olds

11 - 14 year olds

15 - 17 year olds

Visiting the Wildlife Park

As the Wildlife Park is closed to the public in September and due to safeguarding and for health and safety purposes, attendees on the Home Educators Wildlife Academy will not be permitted to free roam around the wildlife park. For this purpose, we will be keeping groups restricted to 10 Children per day, this allows the participants to get the most out of their visit with us and allows them to learn and gain as much practical experience as possible. 

Additional Adults

Due to restrictions in animal houses for practical sessions, and also due to the inability to free roam around the park, we will be asking the adults to drop off their children for the Home Educators Wildlife Academy, this is to ensure all health and safety needs and safeguarding are met.


The cost for the workshop is £45 for the full day


Lunch will need to be provided in the form of a pack-up, alternatively, we do have the Hive café on site if the participants wish to use this on the day.


Activities will be tailored to the specific age ranges:

7-10 year olds: the activities will be tailored around minibeasts and our smaller species.
11-14 year olds will benefit from more complex learning, a small scientific study and hands on work mucking out! 
15-17 year olds:  will be tailored towards a career in animal care, whether that be zoo keeping or vet nursing, we can provide the tools to help learners take the next step in their career path. This workshop will be more in-depth and we can also provide a quote to use on their personal statement upon request. This workshop is also brilliant for those wishing to get hands on experience with a range of species.

All groups will experience a diverse range of learning with an array of species! We will be learning scientifically and practically. We will be focussing on a range of activities including: Animal husbandry (mucking out, diet preparation, weighing animals, making enrichment, animal behaviour) and also classroom workshops, learning about animals scientifically in a fun and interactive way!


All participants will be required to dress appropriately for all weather conditions, no open toe shoes will be permitted. Either trainers, walking boots or wellies are advised due to the practical nature of the workshops. It is advisable to bring a waterproof jacket just in case the weather is forecast to be raining on the day! As we know, the Yorkshire weather can sometimes be unpredictable.

How do I book?

We whave released the dates through our online store, the link is here ->

It will be listed under the Wildlife Academies but labelled as ‘Home Educators Wildlife Academy’ please ensure the dates and age ranges are correct before booking. Due to the extremely high demand we may add additional dates if they sell out quickly!

Questions and Feedback

We value all feedback and questions you may have about the Home Educators Wildlife Academy, please send all queries to