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Happy Hedgehog Awareness Week!

12th May 2019

Happy Hedgehog Awareness Week!

Hedge carefully!

Originating from approximately 15 million years ago and with 5000-7000 spikes on their back, hedgehogs are incredible creatures. Sadly UK populations have decreased by over a third since 2000 due to climate changes, road traffic accidents, predators (such as foxes), litter and fireworks.

Many hedgehogs die every year because they are are accidentally poisoned - consuming insects affected by pesticides used in our gardens! They're also affected by litter too - there are lots of things we can do to make our gardens and neighbourhoods hedgehog friendlier

Fortunately hedgehogs are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act where they are potentially protected from unlicensed trappings in certain areas of the UK.

In order to help over friends in hedges, we can monitor them: weighing them in winter to ensure they aren't under 600g for hibernation; leaving out cat biscuits, tinned dog/cat food and water daily -they also love dried mealworms, which are really high in protein; ensuring that there are no hedgehogs around if you are making a fire. There are so many things that we can do, but one of the greatest is to raise awareness of species populations decreasing, so help us do this during hedgehog awareness week!