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May is Walk in the Woods Month

12th May 2019

May is Walk in the Woods Month

Head into the woods with us!

Here at the wildlife park, we are very proud of our plant life, especially our woodland, of which is maintained with the help of the College's horticulture students and staff.

This month we are supporting the Tree Council by encouraging “Walk in the Woods month”, where all citizens of Britain are encouraged to explore the colours, sounds, textures, and treasures of the woodlands around us. I'f you're visiting the woods i nthe wildlife park there are lots of things to see: Swinhoe's squirrels; a bug hotel; raccoon dogs;  a gnome sanctuary (keep your eyes peeled for our Game of Gnomes); and the ‘Bears of Askham Bryan’ (take a photo with them next time you're here!).

Woodlands are important ecosystems; they provide plants that give us oxygen, habitats for birds, insects, rodents, mammals, and even animals that decompose nature's waste (e.g. dead leaf matter). 

So come and celebrate the woods - and join us for ‘Walk in the Woods’ month!