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Pond Dipping at the Wildlife Park

22nd April 2019

Pond Dipping at the Wildlife Park

Spring is blooming in the Wildlife Park, with the sun shining, bees buzzing, and the pond has suddenly burst to life!

Some of our Higher Education students have being pond dipping in the Wetland Zone for a while now, and it is paying off with the latest findings: pond snails (rather different to our giant African land snails!); water mites; fly larvae; and quite a few midges too!

For all frog fanatics, fly finders, egg enthusiasts, or for those who are much more comfortable just having a chat to our staff about the wonderful wildlife found in wetlands, we have our Pond Dipping sessions throughout the Easter Holidays. These sessions allow everyone to see how we use the pond for pond dipping, see what we can find in the submerge of the water, and to learn about wetland creatures.