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Save the Frogs

27th April 2019

Save the Frogs

Happy Save the Frogs Day everyone!

This Easter break we have been raising awareness of the oviparous wildlife of the world! With our reptiles, bugs, pond dipping, and ‘Find out about Frogs’ sessions, we have been sharing our wonder at the egg layers of the world with our visitors.

As April 27th 2019 is Save the Frogs Day we thought we'd share a bit more information about these awesome animals - if you love frogs then head to the park tomorrow (April 28th) for the last day of our Find the Frogs stamp trail!

Frogs Are Fascinating

Here are some of our favourite froggy facts:

- they breathe and drink through their skin;

- males attract females through calling (this can be a croak, a ribbit or even a chirp!);

- some poisonous species of frogs get the toxins through eating particular insects;

- frogs do have teeth - tiny cone teeth on the upper jaw (but toads don't!).

Frogs In Danger

If you attended one of our 'Find Out About Frogs' sessions you may have learned about chytrid - a fungal infection that is causing many frogs to die around the world. There are many frogs suffering due to this fungus, but humans are causing many threats other to wild amphibians too; from deforestation to gold mining, pollution and the pet trade.

Some of the Critically Endangered frogs we have here in the wildlife park are our golden mantella - beautiful tiny golden frogs, whose natural habitat in Madagascar is under threat.

What can we do to help?

If you want to help save frogs, and other amphibians you can:

- create safe spaces for frogs at home, school, work or elsewhere in your neighbourhood. Try to avoid using pesticides, andlet frogs and toads provide natural pest control. Offer water sources and sheltered areas.

- save energy. Frogs are very sensitive to changing temperatures, and threatened by climate change. Anything you can do to save energy will help.

- buy sustainably sourced products. You can look out for the Rainforest Alliance frog, for example, to make sure the things you buy haven't come from a place where habitat has been destroyed to grow the crops.

- raise awareness of the amphibian extinction crisis - many people don't know that amphibians are the most endangered group of animal on the planet!

- Join your local froglife Toad Patrol, and find out about native amphibian conservation from the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust.

Save the Frogs Day

You can find out more about this annual event on the Save the Frogs website.