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Harris Hawk

Harris’ hawks are the only raptor to commonly live and hunt in family groups. If there is a lack of perching space they will perch on top of one another, this is called "stacking".

Their scientific name Parabuteo unicinctus, means "buzzard-like" with a "single band" (referring to the white band on their tail). 

These birds are very intelligent and adaptable, making them a popular falconry bird.

About Harris' hawks

Common NameHarris' Hawk
Taxonomic NameParabuteo unicinctus
Native toThe Americas, including the southern USA, Mexico and South America
Natural RangeFound in various habitats including deserts, savannas, grasslands and scrublands
DietSmall animals, particularly rodents but also birds and lizards
Life ExpectancyUp to 35 years
Conservation StatusLeast Concern (IUCN 3.1)

About our Harris hawks

York falconry have several harris hawks, including Odin, who you might see in one of the flying displays.

How we care for our Harris' hawks

Our Harris' hawks are housed in our mews, and part of York Falconry's bird team.

How you can help Harris hawks

Harris' hawks are not threatened in the wild.

If you are looking to keep birds of prey it is important to research thoroughly and make sure you will be able to care for them properly.