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Red Tailed Hawk

Red tailed hawks are one of the most widespread and common hawks in North America. It used to be heavily persecuted, as it was seen as a livestock predator, although in recent years this threat has declined somewhat.

Red tailed hawks and great horned owls compete for nest sites during breeding seasons and will destroy eggs to force currently residing parents out.

About Red Tailed Hawks

Common NameRed Tailed Hawk
Taxonomic NameButeo jamaicensis
Native ToThroughout North and Central America, including Alaska and Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Panama
Natural HabitatFound in various habitats including forests, savanna, chaco plains and pantanal wetlands
DietRodents and other small animals
Life ExpectancyUp to 29 years
Conservation StatusLeast Concern ( IUCN 3.1)

About our red tailed hawk

How we care for our red tailed hawk

Our red tailed hawk is housed in our mews, and part of York Falconry's bird team.

How you can help red tailed hawks

Red tailed hawks are not threatened in the wild.

If you are looking to keep birds of prey it is important to research thoroughly and make sure you will be able to care for them properly. Red tailed hawks are not an ideal species for beginners.