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The Jewel of York Trail

Did you know that Askham Bryan Wildlife Park is home to a threatened beetle called the Tansy Beetle? We house a population of these beetles in a Tansy Beetle ark. The rare Tansy beetle is found in York along the River Ouse.
The Tansy Beetle is part of our community here in York, so we are asking other people or groups in our community to show themselves.

We have 8 giant beetle sculptures to be painted by you! Once painted they'll go on tour in York for "The Jewel of York Trail"
Applications open NOW! Forms available at the bottom of this page. 

If you are in York and have a safe place to display the beetle for people to see, for example a shop window, get in touch with us. During this difficult year this will be a great way to get footfall back to our city with this socially distant activity.
Will you find them all?

The Tansy Beetle is an important part of York, York is made up of lots of communities, for the purpose of this application we are calling them sectors. All are important. We are inviting everyone to apply to paint a beetle with your interpretation of the sector that is important you. We have given examples of what these might be but this list is not limited to the examples we have given.

  1. The Future of York (Children and young People) - E.g. School groups, youth clubs, College societies, Scout troops, clubs
  2. York Together (A group with a social aims or aspirations that are brought together) - E.g. Veterans, societies, working groups, women’s Institute, LGBT community
  3. Small and Mighty (small groups doing big things) - E.g. small businesses, charities such as food banks, welfare organisations
  4. Art and Culture (Representing art and culture in York) - E.g. Art museums, Art clubs, cathedrals, Vikings
  5. Wild card - E.g. if you don’t see your sector listed or we would love to hear from less know sectors
  6. Green York (Animals and Conservation) - E.g. Nature groups, zoos, animal courses, wildlife reserves
  7. Experience York (Representing tourism or reasons to visit York) - E.g. Tours, bars, restaurants, hotels
  8. Grand Ol’ York (The big or old) - E.g. Big business and shops or long-standing sectors


12th April – 3rd May: entries open Application forms for design will be available on the Askham Bryan Wildlife Park website. Entries can be submitted to email address or posted to Askham Bryan to be scanned in.

3rd May: entries close for design and host forms. Applications will no longer be considered in the judging process

3rd – 10th May: designs collected and put on Facebook. Host winners decided by Askham Bryan. 10 designs for each sector will be chosen by the Wildlife Park, these will then be posted onto the Jewel of York Facebook page. Askham Bryan Wildlife Park will choose 8 host winners judging based on their location and where they would display the beetle.

10th – 17th May: designs judged, and winners chosen. The public can choose their favourite design for each sector on the Facebook page. Judging will end at midnight on the 17th of May.

18th – 1st June: designs painted and returned by winners. The beetle templates and paint supplies are posted to the winners and they will be given a two-week opportunity to paint their designs and return their templates.

1st June – 15th June: beetles are collected, varnished and put on display. The Beetles will be collected, varnished and mounted. Once they have dried the beetles will be given to the host winners to be displayed.

19th June: the tour of the beetles begins. Maps of the tour will be available on the Askham Bryan Wildlife Park website to download.

If you are unsure what sector you should enter as, please still enter and we can make an informed decision.

To enter the competition, please fill in this application form and complete your design using the template below. You can either return your form via email at: or by post to ABC Wildlife & Conservation Park, Askham Bryan College, York,. YO23 3FR