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Education Visits

We offer guided tours and workshops on-site at Askham Bryan Wildlife Park for KS1 and KS2 learners.

Our interactive interpretation lets learners explore a variety of topics through play-led learning, whilst our fun and engaging workshop sessions allow children to meet some of our residents’ face to face, and incorporate multisensory  learning experiences.

We provide template risk assessments for the site, and ensure that we are providing a safe learning environment for learners of all ages.

Standard Visit Pricing

AgePrice (ex VAT)
Age 2 and Under£4.00 per learner
Aged 3-15£5.00 per learner
Aged 3-15 plus 1 Workshop£7.00 per learner
Aged 3-15 plus 2 Workshops OR Bespoke Workshop£8.00 per learner

Our minimum booking is 15 children, but if you wish to book for a smaller group we can offer visits for a flat rate of;

Small Groups (less than 15 learners):Flat Rate Price:
Standard Visit£75.00
Standard Visit plus 1 Workshop£105.00
Standard Visit plus 2 Workshops OR Bespoke Workshop£120.00

Teaching staff/supervising staff members are permitted at the NSPCC recommended supervision rates for fee paying children. Additional supervising adults are charged at £5.00 per person.

AgeAdult:Child ratio
0-11:3 (paying children only)
2-31:4 (paying children only)


Workshops can be provided alongside our standard visit package for an additional £2.00 per child (£7.00 total per child on visits with workshop). Two workshops or bespoke workshops can also be provided alongside our standard visit package for an additional £3.00 per child (£8.00 total per child on visits with bespoke workshop).

Please be aware that our workshops no longer include direct animal handling - this is as a result of our continued commitment to improving animal welfare on-site here at the Wildlife Park. We promise that in despite of this, the workshops are still exciting educational experiences.

Workshops currently available are listed below.

KS1 & KS2 Workshops (45 Mins)
Classification: What's What?A classification workshop learning about different animal groups, such as reptiles, amphibians and different invertebrates.
All the -VoresLearn all about who eats who and what – including meeting a carnivore, a herbivore and an omnivore and getting hands on with some skulls.
HabitatsDress up for an adventure, and learn about animals from different habitats.
MinibeastsLearn all about invertebrates.
Life CyclesLearn about different animal life stages, getting hands on with biofacts and animals and finding out about eggs, larvae and the cycle of life.
Prehistoric Life & EvolutionFind out all about the history of life on earth, including the theory of evolution, fossils and dinosaurs, and extinction!
Rainforests & ConservationLearn about the different layers of the rainforest, and meet some animals from rainforest habitats.
Saving Species & SpacesLearn about different endangered animals and habitats, and the IUCN Red List, which helps us work out which species need our help the most.

Other Educational Groups

Whether you're a group of home educators looking to learn about pet care or university students keen to find out about conservation we can offer the perfect trip for you. Get in touch to discuss what you're looking for and we'll try our best to help!

Bookings & Further Information

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