Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation Park 

Conservation Policy – our CORE

At Askham Bryan Wildlife and Conservation Park we are committed to driving the development of the future industry with a focus on welfare and conservation; we will do this by engaging students and the wider community in an industry leading facility that represents the diversity of the natural world and promotes inclusive opportunities within an active learning environment.

Along with the wider college and university centre we aim to be the leading college nationally for animal science and conservation and sustainable food production. We aim to:

  1. Developing meaningful collaboration projects that support conservation of threatened species; with a focus on native British wildlife.
  2. Support influential research at all levels that leads to positive, quantifiable outcomes
  3. Industry leading, engaging facilities that foster curiosity in animal science and provide outstanding learning opportunities.  
  4. Embed progressive welfare standards and understanding throughout our practice and interactions.
  5. Deliver positive outcomes with a clear focus on sustainability.

Conservation is the main driver for all work we do. We are in a unique position at Askham Bryan Wildlife & Conservation Park being situated in the heart of a leading land-based college and university centre. This enables us to train the next generation of conservationists, educate our visitors on today’s conservation issues and undertake vital conservation work to save threatened species and habitats. As we are open to the public on weekends and holidays and also welcome school groups during the week – we are able to ensure that our conservation and sustainability ethos is projected out into the community. We do this in many different ways, including:

  • Donating 10% of all proceeds of our school workshops and animal adoption purchases to the World Land Trust: Operation Ocelot
  • Ensuing that each animal talk, tour and encounter features a key conservation message
  • Running conservation themed events targeted around different species including native and none native
  • Running Wildlife Programmes to encourage a future in Wildlife and Conservation
  • Ensuring that each school workshop has a conservation-based take home message
  • Ensuring that our Wildlife Park shop is 100% environmentally friendly, encouraging visitors to purchase eco-friendly products

We ensure Conservation is at the CORE of what we do:


Contributing to ex-situ breeding programmes of threatened species and conserving managed populations, as well as lending a helping hand to wild populations. Conserving our own site and others to ensure a safe place for wild biodiversity and the people who care for it.


We provide the best opportunities to develop the skills of our learners and staff so that they can be the future conservationists whilst supporting other organisations to do the same.


Going forward we are championing reconnecting with nature to preserve the natural skills we have in our community and enhance wellbeing and peoples love for nature. We are routing for community change for a sustainable future.


Being an education platform for threatened species and habitat issues. We raise awareness and offer solutions in ALL of our education provisions. We aim to be an inclusive environment with an active environment.